We grow trees, offer responsible investment solutions and market Paulownia wood

IKIWOOD is a young company whose ambition and mission is to democratize the use of paulownia wood, in particular for its environmental benefits.

We plant, and propose eco-responsible investment projects that capture CO2 while generating a profit.

The cultivation of paulownia is unique in the world of forest investment. A paulownia grown in the right conditions will be mature in 8 years, it will have stored between 2 and 8 times more than any other tree, and its wood can be harvested several times in a generation without having to be replanted.

Ikiwood is also a paulownia wood merchant : for every m3 sold, we will replant 2 trees on our plots in western France, thus contributing to the rapid sequestration of CO2 and the renewal of wood resources in France.

In a world where the need for wood and biomass is set to increase dramatically, growing paulownia is one of the opportunities for the energy transition.

IKi means both “breath” or “respiration” in Japanese(息) and “forever” in Finnish.

bois de paulownia
bois de paulownia

Welcome to Ikiwood ...

Why is the Paulownia such a unique tree?


Paulownias grow and fix Co2 faster than any other tree; they can withstand scorching temperatures and regenerate spontaneously after harvesting. Thanks to a photosynthesis-optimizing mechanism known as CAM (crassulacean acid metabolism), they are water-efficient and therefore particularly well-suited to the coming climate.

arbre le paulownia
arbre le paulownia

Lightweight - Stable - Resistant

Paulownia wood is 40% lighter than pine and twice as stable as oak. It is resistant to humidity and insects and is very easy to work. For its aesthetic qualities, it is considered a valuable wood in Japan.

mobilier en bois de paulownia
mobilier en bois de paulownia

Thanks to its exceptional ability to renew itself and its resilience to extreme temperatures, Paulownia wood is capable of replacing both certain imported species and other building materials at competitive cost. Tomorrow's world needs abundant, affordable wood.

Flexible - Reasonable

A wood with unique qualities

  • Only 270Kg/M3 but a static strength of 38Mpa*; the best weight/strength ratio of any known species

  • High dimensional stability: volumetric shrinkage <6.5%* (red oak: 13.7%)

  • High thermal resistance: 0.09W/mK (2 times more than oak or beech)*.

  • Compressive strength: 20.7 MPA *

  • Hardness (Janka): 1330 N: low resistance to unprotected punching

  • Excellent acoustic properties: good sound absorption and reduced reverberation due to low density

  • Very easy to saw, turn and sand: improves working comfort and extends tool life

  • Does not split when screwed

  • Self-ignition point at 400°C when most woods are at 220°C

  • Straight, even grain, virtually knot-free; resin-free, perfectly smooth after sanding

*www.the wood

création mobilier sur mesure bois de Paulownia
création mobilier sur mesure bois de Paulownia
decoration bois paulownia
decoration bois paulownia
meuble en bois de paulownia
meuble en bois de paulownia

Paulownia wood is known for its qualities, both ecologically and intrinsically. Its growing popularity has led to increased demand for this material on the market. Here's some more information on buying and selling this unique wood:

ikiwood: a specialist in growing and selling Paulownia wood:

Ikiwood specializes in the sale of paulownia wood. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the wood market, we are able to respond to a wide range of requests. Ikiwood is :

  • A wide range of Paulownia wood profiles

  • Personalized advice

  • A network of carefully selected suppliers

  • Support services throughout the buying and selling process

A wide range of Paulownia wood profiles

As Ikiwood's objective is to develop the uses of Paulownia wood and make it massively accessible, we're conducting ongoing research and experimentation in order to use this species as widely as possible. So, beyond the traditional markets (Tiny house, surfing, furniture), we hope that paulownia wood will be able to develop in the construction, boating (relevant to replace expensive balsa wood, often the result of deforestation), arts and entertainment, renewable energy and other markets. We are able to offer all types of profiles (panelling, cladding, framing lumber, traditional mouldings) as well as technical parts such as glued laminates, plywood, “cross timber laminated”, paulownia core sandwich panels veneered with noble woods... We're convinced that paulownia wood is a renewable, affordable material of the future, and one that's set to grow in popularity.

Personalized advice for a better customer experience

As a paulownia wood dealer, we make it a point of honor to support our customers throughout their purchasing process. By listening carefully to our customers' needs and expectations, Ikiwood is able to offer optimal solutions in terms of quality, price and customization to meet each customer's specific requirements. What's more, we're happy to share our knowledge of Paulownia wood to inform and guide our customers in their choices.

Careful selection of Paulownia wood suppliers

To guarantee the quality and traceability of its products, Ikiwood works exclusively with reliable suppliers renowned for their experience in growing and processing paulownia wood. This close collaboration enables us to benefit from a reliable and regular supply of impeccable quality, meeting our customers' requirements.

Responsible sourcing of Paulownia wood

The Paulownia wood we sell comes from plantations in northeast China, its endemic growing region. This region offers ideal conditions for the growth and development of this tree, thanks in particular to a continental-tropical climate with 70% of annual rainfall in summer during the vegetative period. As paulownia plantations are diffuse, small-scale and centuries-old, there is no risk of deforestation, and the shipping of our paulownia wood represents around 10% of the C02 absorbed by the tree (50kgeqCO2/m3), three times less than wood imported from Scandinavia (most of the northern pine used for our exteriors and terraces). What's more, Ikiwood is committed to planting 2 trees for every m3 sold, thus ensuring rapid local renewal of the wood resource.  

Our support services

n addition to selling Paulownia wood, Ikiwood also offers a range of services designed to facilitate and secure transactions between the various market players. These services include :

  • Analysis of needs and recommendation of suitable products

  • Logistical follow-up from warehouse to customer delivery.

  • product quality control throughout the supply chain

  • Management of any complaints or disputes

Why choose Ikiwood to buy and sell Paulownia wood?

Ikiwood stands out for its expertise, its willingness to continuously develop new products and its range of quality Paulownia wood products. Its rigorous selection of suppliers and personalized support make Ikiwood an ideal partner for professionals looking for a quality wood dealer.

A wide range of products, adapted to every need and customizable

Whether it's glued laminated wood panels, wainscoting or cladding profiles, framing lumber or engineered wood parts, we're in a position to offer products that meet every customer's expectations. Ikiwood offers customization services with the flexibility to move very quickly from the drawing board to production. Our standard products are

  • Glued laminated wood panels

  • interior linings

  • solid paulownia wood acoustic panels

  • Framing lumber

  • laminated or veneered solid wood panels

  • Paulownia wood cladding

A committed and responsible player

Ikiwood's main objective is to plant trees on a massive scale, as we believe this is a necessary and effective “low-tech” lever in the fight against climate change. low-tech” lever in the fight against climate change. Not all tree species are equal in this battle. Paulownia is one of the most suitable trees, as it is both faster and more resilient than most other species. We make sure that our suppliers share this vision, and that our collaboration contributes to increasing the quantity of the resource and promoting a sustainable industry. Ikiwood also aims to develop a model with social connotations with agroforestry plantations by forging partnerships with French farmers and sharing the value generated by the sale of paulownias in an equitable way.

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