Ikiwood develops and operates paulownia plantations on its own behalf; we also offer support for any project owner wishing to invest in his or her own plantations. We don't sell plants or equipment, and act on behalf of third parties as we do for ourselves, in complete independence. In a fast-developing market, it's sometimes difficult to see clearly between the many tempting commercial offers, and the technical and regulatory constraints. We offer a range of services designed to help you take action safely and efficiently.

Co-investment offer

Many parameters determine the success of an investment in a Paulownia plantation. Climate, soil type, soil preparation, site topography, the variety used, inputs and maintenance are all factors that need to be mastered in order to optimize both the ecological impact of the project and its profitability.Ikiwood offers a “turnkey” model and can intervene in the following areas in particular:

-Study of the project owner's specific needs - Feasibility study

-Site selection

-Profitability study

-Administrative procedures

-Plant selection

-Selection of service providers


-Wood valuation

We don't just buy the wood on a contractual basis; we work in partnership with the project owners on each plantation; we systematically buy part of the plots we propose and invest alongside you.

You benefit from the partnerships we have set up, or from our own processing tools, to make the most of the wood and biomass.

The interests of ikiwood and the project owner are thus aligned.

Turnkey plantation offer

As a project developer, Ikiwood has plantations at various stages of development. From an identified project to an established plantation several years old, we offer different acquisition models depending on your profile and the risk/reward ratio you're looking for.